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6 F2F decoder IC release  첨부파일1개, 다운로드2947건 admin 5028
5 Performance comparison results of F2F decoders  첨부파일1개, 다운로드711건 admin 5324
4 Reduced function F2F decoder IC release  첨부파일1개, 다운로드6743건 admin 5922
3 Outdoor long range wireless data modem released  첨부파일1개, 다운로드1443건 admin 3426
2 WWM-2400EN outdoor data rate test results  첨부파일1개, 다운로드418건 admin 2858
1 Field test results of wireless modems: WWM-2400EN,  첨부파일1개, 다운로드210건 admin 6356