· Planning and leading technology development
· Technology developments in the areas of
- Characterization of communication channel and circuits
- Specification writing, algorithm development, hardware design, performance evaluation.
- Hardware implementation in the form of IC or FPGA.
- Field test, performance tuning and improvement.
· Technical support for sales in
- Reference board design
- Customer support
· Type 1: Planning and leading of technology development
· Type 2: Modem development with the delivery in the form of RTL or FPGA
· Type 3: Modem IC development and technical/customer support for sales
· Cellular: LTE, LTE-A, Wibro , spectral efficiency 100 modem, etc
· Broadcasting: DMB (Mobile), DVB-T (Terrestrial), DVB-S2 (Satellite), etc
· WLAN: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad/p/e/i
· WPAN: Zigbee, Bluetooth, UWB, 60GHz,etc
· Power line: Homeplug, G.hn, proprietary multi-Gbps modem, etc
· Cable: Docsis, Moca, proprietary multi-Gbps modem, etc
· Ethernet: 10/100/1000Base-T, proprietary 10GBase-T and 100Gbase-T
· Data storage: Hard Disk Drive, Optical Disk Drive, Tape Drive, etc
· Military communications, RFID, NFC, Locationing, Tetra, DECT, Telemetry receivers, etc