· Model based characterization for channel response, phase noise, nonlinearity, frequency difference, DC, IQ mismatch, etc.
· OFDM, Spread Spectrum, QAM, MSK, FSK, ASK, CCK, SC-FDE, etc.
· Signal detect, automatic gain control, symbol synchronization, timing recovery, tracking for phase/signal amplitude/channel response, filter design, beamforming, etc.
· MLSD, Sequence detection with limited delay, DFE, MIMO, turbo detection, etc.
· Convolutional, RS, iterative codes such as turbo and LDPC.
· 1Mbps Zigbee, MIMO WLAN, Wireless modem with spectral efficiency of 30, Multi-gigabit wireless, modem for impulse noise channel, etc
· Hardware modeling and evaluation based on C programming language.
· Test vector generation from the C model for RTL verification.